Contoh Soalan SPA Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Contoh Soalan SPA Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris PSEE

Korang dipanggil exam SPA bulan ni? So, tengah cari Contoh Soalan SPA Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris? Yup, korang sampai ke tempat yang betul. Baca sampai habis perkongsian ni dan tumpukan perhatian korang sepenuhnya.

Boleh jadi artikel ini merupakan titik tolak yang bakal merubah masa hadapan korang utk selama-lamanya. Siapa tahu kan..

Perkongsian ini mengandungi 10 contoh soalan spa kefahaman bahasa Inggeris (Comprehension) dan 7 contoh soalan spa kefahaman bahasa Inggeris (Grammar). Bagi menambahkan lagi pemahaman korang terhadap seksyen ini.

Untuk makluman calon yang baru pertama kali menduduki peperiksaan online memasuki perkhidmatan awam atau lebih dikenali sebagai PSEE. Bermula tahun 2019 dan akan diteruskan untuk tahun 2020 ni. Ada seksyen baru berkaitan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris. Ramai yang ‘gentar’ dengan seksyen ni. Tidak kurang juga yang ‘kecut perut’ selepas mendengar SPA mengumumkan.

Sebenarnya tak susah kalau korang tahu macam mana ianya dinilai dan disoal. Yang susahnya, hanya bila tak tahu saja.

Semakan Penjadualan Peperiksaan SPA

Semakan penjadualan peperiksaan online SPA boleh dibuat dengan melayari:

Facebook SPA:


Portal SPA : web/guest/ senarai-penjadualan-peperiksaan/

Pihak SPA akan mengeluarkan makluman mengenai jadual ujian psikometrik / peperiksaan online / penjadual temuduga terkini menggunakan kedua-dua saluran di atas. Di samping menghantar emel panggilan kepada calon yang terpilih.

Antara Madu dan Racun

Atok faham betapa hepinya korang apabila dipanggil ke PSEE SPA. Dalam hati berkata ‘mungkinkah aku akan berjaya kali ni‘ atau ‘ah.. aku mesti lepas kali ni‘. Maklumlah ini da kali ke-3 korang duduk peperiksaan online SPA. Sampai da naik jemu. Panggilan exam tu ibarat diberikan madu yang manis rasanya..

Penting untuk korang tahu. Seksyen A adalah berkaitan Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah, yg nak ulangkaji mengenai seksyen A, sila baca 20 contoh soalan Daya Menyelesaikan Masalah ini. Tapi awas, Seksyen B kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris ada ‘racunnya‘.

Pecahan dalam pecahan

Dalam kebanyakan PSEE, biasanya ada dua seksyen utama. Iaitu seksyen A dan B.

Seksyen B inilah yang dikenali sebagai seksyen kefahaman bahasa inggeris. Korang bernasib baik kerana memang inilah yang akan kita bincangkan pada hari ini.

Sekali imbas, kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris hanya sekadar 1 seksyen, tak lebih daripada itu.


Tahukah korang, bahawasanya terdapat 2 lagi pecahan tersembunyi dalam seksyen B ini?

PECAHAN 1: Pengertian dan Kefahaman Esei Bahasa Inggeris

Korang akan diberikan petikan bahasa Inggeris. Macam esei ringkas lah. Dan diikuti oleh 5 hingga 10 soalan kefahaman (comprehension). Ada pilihan jawapan (A,B,C,D)

Teknik menjawab pecahan 1

  • Baca soalan-soalan terlebih dahulu, jadi korang tahu apa jawapan yang nak dicari
  • Baca esesi yang diberikan, dan cari jawapan.
  • Jangan baca esei dulu, kalau tak korang rugi masa. Kalau ada masa tambahan nanti baru korang baca semula petikan
  • Fokus untuk habiskan jawab soalan dulu pada peringkat awal ini.

Bagi menambahkan lagi kefahaman korang, atok berikan contoh soalan SPA jenis Comprehension (pecahan 1) di bawah. Cuba cari sendiri jawapannya. Sebagai latih tubi korang.

Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris PSEE : Comprehension

Read the following paragraphs to answer the next seven questions (Questions 1 – 7).

The total number of deaths and injuries due to road accidents increases year after year despite numerous campaigns held in order to curb the situation. Effects arising from road accidents include loss of life which results in loss of human resource to a certain extent. It also causes damage to property. The rise in the number of road accidents reflects on the safety of one of Malaysia’s main medium of transportation. This reflects the country’s image which in turn affects our tourism industry, an important source of our country’s gross income.

Human factors has always been the center of blame and fault when it comes to road accidents. Carelessness resulting from various factors including pressure, driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol, and also the act of doing something else like talking on a mobile phone or text messaging is often the cause. Another human factor which leads to accidents is the tendency to speed on the road. Whether it’s to get to a destination on time or to boast a car’s power and size, speeding is simply an act portraying the disregard of human life.

Another factor is the road condition themselves. Although access to expressways and interstate highways are present, traffic builds up easily, causing major congestions, especially during festive seasons. The overall quality of road systems in some parts of this country is still considered poor. As for the vehicles themselves, some are not properly inspected and regularly maintain. What’s worse, many car owners make excessive modifications not according to road safety rules and specifications. Furthermore the lack of road safety and traffic enforcement has always been another factor to blame.

Road safety should be improved by shaping the human factor at various levels, including road safety education at schools, driving school and learning centers, and also through the media campaigns. New laws and road safety regulations should be drafted and enforced. In addition, road transportation management should be researched and revised wherever necessary.

Upgrading of the current road systems and utilities should also be considered. This includes and overhead bridge for pedestrians, maintenance and calibration of traffic lights and also the repair and maintenance of damaged roads and improvement of old roads. To achieve this, the contractors involved in road construction, maintenance and repair must be monitored and accounted for.

Vehicles must undergo regular inspection, whether it’s a commercial truck, lorry or a private owner’s car. Such practices must be encouraged, especially before long travelling periods during the festive season for example. Commercial vehicles should go through periodic maintenance and servicing. To complement all that, enforcement of road safety and traffic regulations is a must.

As a conclusion, the awareness and cooperation of all parties is required in order to curb the problem of road accidents. This will help reduce road fatalities, unnecessary damage to property and helps portray Malaysians as civilized people responsible on the road.

Title;Road Safety

1) All answers below are the effects that rises from road accident EXCEPT

A. loss of life
B. loss of human resources
C. property damage
D. increase awareness

2) The rise in the number of road accidents affects our ____________ industry.

A. tourism
B. business
C. agriculture
D. sport

3) Which following statement are TRUE?

A. road systems in some parts of this country is still considered poor.
B. road systems in some parts of this country is still considered average.
C. road systems in some parts of this country is still considered same
D. road systems in some parts of this country is considered the best.

4) According to the article what is the best solution to curb the problem of road accident?

A. awareness and cooperation of all parties
B. cooperation of all parties
C. awareness of all parties
D. awareness and cooperation of one parties

5) How to upgrade current road system?

A. shaping the human factor including road safety education at schools only.
B. shaping the human factor including road safety education at schools and driving school
C. shaping the human factor including driving school only.
D. shaping the human factor at various levels, including road safety education at schools, driving school and learning centers, and also through the media campaigns.

6) All statements are true about upgrading of the current road systems and utilities EXCEPT

A. overhead bridge for pedestrians
B. maintenance and calibration of traffic lights
C. repair and maintenance of damaged roads
D. improve new roads

7) Although access to expressways and interstate highways are present, traffic builds up easily, causing ___________________ congestions.

A. small
B. minor
C. major
D. zero

Read the following paragraphs to answer the next three questions (Questions 8 – 10).

One of the modern world’s intriguing sources of mystery has been aeroplanes vanishing in mid-flight. One of the more famous of these was the disappearance in 1937 of a pioneer woman aviator, Amelia Earhart. On the second last stage of an attempted round the world flight, she had radioed her position as she and her navigator searched desperately for their destination, a tiny island in the Pacific.

The plane never arrived at Howland Island. Did it crash and sink after running out of fuel? It had been a long haul from New Guinea, a twenty hour flight covering some four thousand kilometres. Did Earhart have enough fuel to set down on some other island on her radioed course? Or did she end up somewhere else altogether? One fanciful theory had her being captured by the Japanese in the Marshall Islands and later executed as an American spy; another had her living out her days under an assumed name as a housewife in New Jersey.

Seventy years after Earhart’s disappearance, ‘myth busters’ continue to search for her. She was the best-known American woman pilot in the world. People were tracking her flight with great interest when, suddenly, she vanished into thin air. Aircraft had developed rapidly in sophistication after World War One, with the 1920s and 1930s marked by an aeronautical record-setting frenzy. Conquest of the air had become a global obsession. While Earhart was making headlines with her solo flights, other aviators like high-altitude pioneer Wiley Post and industrialist Howard Hughes were grabbing some glory of their own. But only Earhart, the reserved tomboy from Kansas who disappeared three weeks shy of her 40th birthday, still grips the public imagination. Her disappearance has been the subject of at least fifty books, countless magazine and newspaper articles, and TV documentaries. It is seen by journalists as the last great American mystery. There are currently two main theories about Amelia Earhart’s fate.

There were reports of distress calls from the Phoenix Islands made on Earhart’s radio frequency for days after she vanished. Some say the plane could have broadcast only if it were on land, not in the water. The Coast Guard and later the Navy, believing the distress calls were real, adjusted their searches, and newspapers at the time reported Earhart and her navigator were marooned on an island. No-one was able to trace the calls at the time, so whether Earhart was on land in the Phoenix Islands or there was a hoaxer in the Phoenix Islands using her radio remains a mystery. Others dismiss the radio calls as bogus and insist Earhart and her navigator ditched in the water. An Earhart researcher, Elgen Long, claims that Earhart’s airplane ran out of gas within fifty-two miles of the island and is sitting somewhere in a 6,000-square-mile area, at a depth of 17,000 feet. At that depth, the fuselage would still be in shiny, pristine condition if ever anyone were able to locate it. It would not even be covered in a layer of silt. Those who subscribe to this explanation claim that fuel calculations, radio calls and other considerations all show that the plane plunged into the sea somewhere off Howland Island.

Whatever the explanation, the prospect of finding the remains is unsettling to many. To recover skeletal remains or personal effects would be a grisly experience and an intrusion. They want to know where Amelia Earhart is, but that’s as far as they would like to go. As one investigator has put it, “I’m convinced that the mystery is part of what keeps us interested. In part, we remember her because she’s our favourite missing person.”

8) Amelia Earhart’s nationality was

A. English
B. Australian
C. Canadian
D. American
E. South African

9) All the following are theories about Amelia’s fate EXCEPT

A. she crashed on a remote island somewhere near her destination.
B. her plane ran out of fuel and crashed into the sea.
C. she was captured by the Japanese and executed as a spy.
D. she escaped incognito and lived under an assumed name.
E. she crashed somewhere on Howland Island.

10) The most convincing evidence that Amelia crashed somewhere on land was

A. the finding of aircraft remains.
B. sightings by islanders.
C. radio contact with the coastguard from the Phoenix Islands.
D. distress signals from the Phoenix Islands on her particular radio frequency.
E. All of these.

PECAHAN 2: Tatabahasa (Grammar) Bahasa Inggeris

Bahagian ni memang pecah belah betul. Korang kena study semula sedikit asas grammar.

Asasnya, terdapat 8 pecahan dalam pecahan 2 ini, yakni :

  1. Pronoun (Kata Ganti)
  2. Noun (Kata Benda)
  3. Verb (Kata Kerja)
  4. Adjective (Kata Sifat)
  5. Adverb (Kata Keterangan)
  6. Determiner (atok lupa)
  7. Preposition (Kata Depan)
  8. Conjunction (Kata Hubung)

Teknik menjawab pecahan 2

  • Tiada jalan mudah
  • Persediaan korang disini adalah dengan mengingati kembali sedikit sebanyak pelajaran grammar Bahasa Inggeris.

Untuk menambah kefahaman korang, atok sertakan contoh soalan SPA jenis Grammar (pecahan 2) di bawah. Cuba cari sendiri jawapannya. Sebagai latih tubi korang.

Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA : Grammar

1) I have only a _______________ Aidilfitri cards left to write.

A. few
B. fewer
C. less
D. little

2) The sentence below does not have any punctuation. Choose the option with the correct punctuation.

i am a good runner

A. i am a good runner.
B. I am a good runner
C. Im a good runner.
D. I am a good runner.

3) Wong Mei Ling _________________ English, Mandarin and a bit of Arabic.

A. speaks
B. speak
C. speaking
D. is speaking

4) Please read the following sentence.

Once Shuhadah lifted her pen and made a start, writing the essay became easy.

If we change the start of the sentence to:

Writing the essay became easy…

What will the ending be?

A. after starting.
B. after lifting her pen.
C. once Shuhadah lifted her pen and made a start.
D. once she lifted her pen and made a start.

5) Where _____________________ Razali live?

A. are
B. is
C. do
D. does

6) How many people _____________ in your family?

A. are there
B. is there
C. there are
D. there

7) Choose the option which will best replace the underlined words in the sentence to make it correct.

She done it to quick, so it came out looking rough.

A. done it too quickly
B. did it too quick
C. did it too quickly
D. did it to quickly

Camna? Dapat jawapan dia tak?

Untuk yang dah ada Rujukan Seksyen Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris, sila semak semula mukasurat 60 – 64. Kita bagi nota ringkas dan contoh untuk semua 8 pecahan ini.

Untuk yang belum ada, atok suggest korang dapatkan segera!

Contoh Soalan SPA Online Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Mengandungi bukan setakat contoh soalan yang banyak, malah merangkumi pecahan-pecahan yang sudah bincangkan di atas serta dilengkapi skema jawapan. Korang akan tahu setiap jawapan yang betul untuk setiap soalan!

Jadi korang akan berada dalam MOOD SUPER SEDIA untuk sukses Seksyen B KEFAHAMAN BAHASA INGGERIS ini.

Ingat! SEKSYEN B Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris SPA ini tak susah kalau korang dah faham bagaimana ianya dinilai. Tapi atok juga tak cakap ianya mudah ya.

Syyyy.. Tak ramai pun yang tahu ‘pecahan dalam pecahan’ penilaian ini. Ingat ya, ada 2 PENILAIAN dalam SEKSYEN B ini 🙂

Biar lah orang lain tak tahu, tapi korang tahu! Lagipun, bukan ramai sangat pon yang baca blog atok ni. Jadi memang rezeki korang la.

Tapi mahal sangat la tok rujukan ni..

Yup, memang mahal. Pergghh.. RM40 tu!

Cuma, bila fikir2 balik. Ia masih murah giler bila dibandingkan faedah dan manfaat yang akan korang perolehi kelak (andai berjaya dapat keja).

Dan, ia masih tak semahal smartphone korang (yg harga beribu tu). Think about it.. 😉

Demikianlah adanya.

Sedikit huraian dan beberapa contoh soalan SPA Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris yang akan korang hadapi nanti.

Contoh soalan yang atok bawakan ini bukanlah soalan sebenar. Hanya sebagai rujukan sahaja.

Selamat menduduki peperiksaan!


Sementara tu, bagi korang yang akan menduduki ujian psikometrik dalam jangkamasa terdekat ni. Korang jangan tinggal duduk diam. Tidur, bangun, makan, main WhatsApp, pastu tidur lagi. Terus baca penjelasan penuh atok mengenai ujian psikometrik SPA.

Lagi satu, contoh soalan peperiksaan online SPA Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris ni untuk korang yang betul2 berminat nak masuk kerja kerajaan sahaja.

Bagi yang lebih meminati kerja di sektor swasta (atas sebab amount komisyen mantul abis), korang bacalah cara mohon kerja swasta yang betul yg atok da kongsi sebelum ni.

Sebelum menghayunkan kaki korang tu ke mana-mana temuduga terbuka swasta, korang kena tahu dahulu apa tips penting menghadiri temuduga terbuka swasta. Jangan da gerak, baru la sibuk nak rojer atok pula. Dah terlambat.

Penutup betul ni

PSEE Pembantu Laut boleh dikatakan sukar. Elok sangat kalau korang sempat baca contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Laut A19 ni. Mana tahu ada contoh yang atok bagi tu kuar PSEE tu. Sapa tahu kan..

Kepada yang bakal menganggotai AADK sebagai pembantu Anti Dadah. Tolong hapuskan sama sekali ancaman ini daripada negara kita. Duduklah PSEE online tu dengan yakin sambil baca Contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Antidadah S19.

Tak lupa juga kepada calon exam PSEE penolong pegawai tadbir ambilan under Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Sila baca contoh soalan peperiksaan Penolong Pegawai Tadbir N29. Atok harap di sedikit sebanyak membantu korang.

Khas cucu atok yang dipanggil exam online SPA penolong pegawai pembangunan masyarakat. Pastinya contoh soalan peperiksaan Penolong Pegawai Pembangunan Masyarakat S29 ini akan memberi sedikit pendedahan berguna.

Dapat panggilan PSEE SPA pembantu tadbir P/O? Antara bahan bacaan yang sesuai untuk korang sebelum duduk PSEE tu ialah contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Tadbir (Perkeranian/Operasi) N19.

Korang tahukan, exam SPA pembantu tadbir (p/o) dan pembantu tadbir (kewangan) dijalankan serentak? So, bagi yang dipanggil exam pembantu tadbir kewangan, luangkan sikit masa korang membaca contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Tadbir Kewangan W19.

Last but not least, khusus calon exam SPA pembantu operasi, dapatkan info berguna dan beberapa contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Operasi N11 ini. Jangan ambil mudah exam tu.

Serius, ni baru penutup!

PSEE online terakhir untuk Penolong Pegawai Pendaftaran bagi tahun ni akan diadakan dalam beberapa hari lagi. Kepada yang dipanggil, tak rugi baca contoh soalan peperiksaan Penolong Pegawai Pendaftaran KP29 ni.

Sesi exam online SPA untuk pegawai bomba akan dijalankan bila-bila masa dalam tahun ni. Elok bersiap-sedia awal. Penuhkan ilmu di dada tu dengan maklumat seperti contoh soalan peperiksaan Pegawai Bomba KB19 ni.

Anytime SPA akan keluarkan panggilan exam online Pemeriksa Kilang dan Jentera J41. Korang yang ada memohon jawatan ni dalam SPA8i atok suggest baca siap2 contoh soalan peperiksaan Pemeriksa Kilang dan Jentera J41.

Khusus buat yang bakal menganggotai SPRM sebagai penolong pegawai siasatan. Atok da sediakan beberapa bahan bacaan tambahan termasuk contoh soalan peperiksaan Penolong Pegawai Siasaan P29. Maklumat lain korang boleh layari portal rasmi SPRM k..

KKR dan KKMM sedang menantikan calon-calon pembantu kemahiran yang akan diserap masuk tidak lama lagi. Jika korang sudah menerima emel panggilan exam SPA untuk jawatan ni, suka atok cadangkan perkongsian contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Kemahiran H19 ni.

Kepada korang yang layak dan mungkin sudah menerima emel panggilan ke exam online penolong jurutera, atok nasihatkan baik bersiap-siap. Dikatakan exam kali ni sedikit sukar. Jadi perbanyakkan bacaan termasuk contoh soalan peperiksaan Penolong Jurutera JA29 yang atok kongsi sebelum ni.

OK, ni btl2 last. Panggilan peperiksaan pembantu awam sudah dikeluarkan oleh SPA. Dengar khabar, jumlah yang dipanggil super ramai. So better bersedia. Jangan lupa baca contoh soalan peperiksaan Pembantu Awam Gred H11.

Korang jangan lupa baca pula, penat atok tulis tu.

Au revoir dan arrivederci dulu dari atok. Gud luck semua!

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